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White turmeric

White turmeric (curcuma mango), as extended family members Curcuma, contains curcumin. In the book Encyclopedia of Medical Plants otherwise, curcumin has anti-oxidant properties and anti-inflammatory. Even the efficacy of anti-oksidannya more powerful than vitamin E, whereas the efficacy of anti-inflamasinya stronger than hydrocortisone chemical / synthetic.
According to reports the American Institute of Cancer Report that appeared in The New York Times in late July 1999, the cancer can be prevented by turmeric. Anti-oxidant substances in turmeric function to prevent damage to deoxyribonucleic acid (compounds that make up genes), because of damage to genes is one of the causes of cancer.
While curcumin with feruloyl and 4-hydroxy-cinnamoyl are anti-inflammatory compound found in turmeric.
In conclusion, both the content of curcumin is a very important role in the fight against cancer, which prevent damage to genes and prevent inflammation (inflammation), because the cancer is always going inflammation.

Penetration into the cancer cells
Results of research Dr. Retno S Sudibyo published in Tempo May 30, 1999 mentions that Curcuma mango contain "toxic proteins." A kind of ribosome in activating proteins (RIP). These proteins are able to disable the ribosome, so that protein synthesis in cells disrupted. Proteins were easier to penetrate into the cancer cells than healthy cells. As a result, cancer cells can not proliferate. Because cancer cells have an age limit, then over time will run out by itself.
From the description seen three Curcuma benefits of mango in the fight against cancer, namely:

* RIP blocking the proliferation of cancer cells, so long will be exhausted.
* Antioxidants in curcumin prevents damage to the gene where the gene damage is one of the causes of cancer.
* Anti-inflammatory agent curcumin is useful in eliminating inflammation, whereas cancer is always accompanied by inflammation.
* Because of Curcuma mango including natural materials, the use in the long term though, remains safe for humans.
Prevention remains better
Not all easy to detect cancer early. In fact there are several new cases in mind after stepping on an advanced stage. Dr. Sjahrul Sjamsudin, Sp. OG from FKUI / RSCM ever describe ovarian cancer is a hidden killer (silent killer), with only 30% survival rate. From the data RSCM known that there were 10 cases of ovarian cancer every month. It is said also, about 70% of cancer cases is known when it has spread.
Another expert, dr. Samsuridjal explained that among men, generally at age 45, prostate enlargement occurs slowly.
In the literature on prostate enlargement problems mentioned there are two possibilities, namely cell enlargement (hypertrophy) and increased number of cells (hyperplasia). One of them may develop into prostate cancer .

We all know that the cure for cancer is to treat people with cancer. Not for healthy people. Curcuma mango is not a cure, but a natural substance believed to inhibit cancer cell proliferation rate, as well as useful for preventing damage to genes - one of the causes of cancer.
The nature of the content of Curcuma mango, that RIP is inhibiting cancer cell proliferation rate, so the indirect effect of the therapy that is awaiting the death of the cancer cell itself.
In conclusion, the effect of therapy with these natural materials require a relatively long time. The results are also relatively slow progress of patients, which means that requires patience. But the fact that support is that Curcuma mango is a natural material, making it safe for people with
Dose to consume Curcuma mango

* To cure: 4-5 times daily, one teaspoon (brewed with half a glass of water).
* For prevention: 1-2 times a day, one teaspoon

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