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Pineapple for health benefits

Ingredients and Benefits: Pineapple contains dextrose, globulin, sakarosa, organic acids, proteose, globulin and bromelin. Although not yet found the results of an experiment, but according to Mrs. Kloppenburg-Versteegh, fresh pineapple juice is considered cool, clean blood, facilitating the large flue and anticacing. Fiber is not good for people with stomach disorders.Pineapple younger than launch expenditure urine and feces, also affects the uterus. He undid menstruation and can abort the womb. Because it is not recommended for pregnant women or low birth.The women in West Java, many who abstain pineapple, pineapple considered cause for discharge and not good for the uterus.Note: Patients with kidney disease and diabetes is not recommended to eat pineapple.


1. Abdominal pain due to Contaminated Food, Diarrhea with Heartburn and Heat in
Rectum, stomach pain after every Eating, Stomach Bloating after Eating, Lose
Weight Loss.
Ripe pineapple peeled, removed "eyes", shredded or blended.
Strain or wring. The water was drunk as much as ½ cup immediately after every meal.

2. Fever due to Stomach Heat
The recipe is the same as no. 1. Taken between meals.

3. Fever
The recipe is the same as no. 1. Drink 2x a day, each half a glass.

4. Flu
The recipe is the same as no. 1. Taken several times a day. Do not cooled.

5. Dandruff
I: young pineapple peeled, removed "eyes", shredded. 12 crushed leaves
Galing (Vitis trifolia L. / leaf kapialun). Combine. Let stand 2 hours then strain
with a cloth. Use to rinse when shampooing. Repeat till dandruff
II: Pineapple cooked in grated, squeezed. Rub the water to the scalp every
night before bed. The next morning washed.

6. Laryngitis
The recipe is the same as no. 1. drink frequently throughout the day. Once drinking
do not at once, just ½ cup only.

7. Heartburn due digested Difficult Foods
The recipe is the same as no. 1. drunk little by little

8. Toilet irregular
Recipes such as no. 1. Drink 1 tablespoon after every meal.

9. Wormy
A young pineapple shredded, squeezed. Add 2 tablespoons of honey or rock sugar syrup.
Drinks to children who suffer from intestinal worms.

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