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The benefits of fruit and leaf nutmeg

Ingredients and Benefits: Many of the younger leaves contain proteins that feels soothing. In addition, nutmeg also contain essential oils, tannic substances, and starch substance believed to increase appetite, release of gas from the stomach, and calm the nerves.


1. Vomiting, Gastritis, Go Wind, Hiccups
     One teaspoon nutmeg powder brewed with a little water. Drinks every time
     out vomiting.

2. Stomach Heartburn (but not diarrhea)
     A little nutmeg powder placed under the tongue, let dissolve with saliva.

3. Sprue
     Gum nutmeg mixed with a little water. Use this mixture to rinse

4. Cough slimy
    Same with recipes no. 5, but this herb dikumur up to the trachea.

5. Insomnia
     Method I: A little nutmeg powder mixed with 1-2 drops of water, then apply the

     Method II: ½ nutmeg ground and brewed with 1 cup water. As will be drunk
     give a little honey / sugar cube. Drink this potion 2x a day, each 1 cup

6. Rheumatism
     Bathing with soap nutmeg or rub the sore body parts with nutmeg balm.
     Soap and nutmeg balm sold in pharmacies and drug stores.

7. Dysmenorrhea
     A little powdered nutmeg, 7 grains of coriander, a piece of turmeric, 1 clove braised with
     glass of water until the water is staying half. Drink this mixture all at once while

8. Hypertension
     Some fresh nutmeg grated and squeezed to take water. Do this 2x

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