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Greatness of the cat's whiskers plant

Cats whiskers (Orthosiphon aristatus (B1) Miq.), An herb, grows upright, rooted at the bottom of his books in part, 1-2 m high, stems slightly ribbed rectangular, short haired or bald.
Single leaf, round eggs oval, lanceolate or lozenges, downy, rough serrated edge is irregular, both mottled surface due to volatile oil glands.
Bunches of flowers that came out at the end of branches, pale purple or white color (the color is blue and white), stamens longer than the flower tube. Fruit geluk dark brown color. Grows in lowland and medium altitude areas.
Terms Grow Mustache Cat:
1. Altitude: 500 m - 900 m above sea level
2. Annual rainfall: 3000 mm / year
3. Wet months (above 100 mm / month): 7 months - 9 months
4. Dry months (below 60 mm / month): 3 months - 5 months
5. Air Temperature: 280C - 340C
6. Humidity: medium
7. Irradiation: High

b. Land
1. Type: andosol, latosol
2. Tekstrur: sandy clay
3. Drainage: well
4. Ground water depth: 70 cm above ground level
5. Rooting depth: 30 cm - 60 cm from soil surface
6. Acidity (pH): 5-7
7. Fertility: medium - high

In general, cat whiskers plant propagated by stem cuttings or branch cuttings. Select the trunk or branch that is not too old, then cut to a length of cuttings, cuttings of 15 cm - 25 cm or segmented about 2 books - 3 books.

Cuttings of seedlings can be planted directly in the garden as deep as 5 cm, then compact enough soil around the base of the cuttings, with a spacing of 30 cm x 30 cm, 40 cm x 40 cm, 40 cm x 50 cm and 60 cm x 60 cm

The local name of this plant include:
• Mustache cat, big Mamang (Indonesia);• Kutun, mamam, spider flower (Java);• Mao Xu Cao (China).There are several diseases that can be cured from the cat's whiskers kidney infection, bladder infection, urinary stones, gout; peluruh urine, eliminating hot and humid

Utilization of the cat's whiskers on the whole plant, wet or dry (dianginkan first, and then dried in the hot sun.) The usefulness can be to treat:

1. Kidney infection (acute and chronic nephritis), bladder infection (Cystitis).
2. Kidney stone pain.
3. Gout (Gout arthritis).
4. Peluruh urine (Diuretic).
5. Eliminates hot and humid.

Use cat's whiskers are: 30 - 60 gr. (Dry) or 90-120 g (wet), boiled, or a dry / wet brewed as tea.

Here's how to use that you can try:

Nephritis, edema (swelling)
Cat whiskers 30 g, 30 g leaf veins, 30 g grass snake tongue, all boiled.
Urinary tract infections, frequent urination in small increments (Anyang-anyangan) Mustache cat, meniran, Commelina communis, each 30 grams, boiled.

The composition of cat's whiskers, chemical properties and pharmacological effects: Sweet little bitter, cool, anti-inflammatory, laxative urine, urinary tract stones destroyed. levels of the chemical among others Orthosiphon glycosides, tannic substances, essential oils, fatty oils, saponins, sapofonin, potassium salts, myoinositol.

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